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Closed Project

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Spring 2015


Jeffrey Busch

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Project Management Tools

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ETM 546


A Project Management Office (PMO) is a group within a business that outlines and preserves standards for project management within an organization. It strives to regulate and introduce economies of repetition when executing projects. It is documentation, guidance and metrics that are used in project management. In this paper, a PMO for the Microsoft Retail enterprise is built. It is a virtual PMO that aims at being supportive, controlling and directive towards project management in this recently added area of Microsoft. Since Microsoft is so new to the retail industry, started in 2009, there are a lot of ways that projects can be improved and standardized therefore a great opportunity to create a PMO in order to help improve project management. In this PMO, there are three phases: establishing, implementing and executing. The establishing phase is about the PMO justification, the implementing phase involves defining the PMO in different areas of the business and the executing phase defines the phases of deploying the PMO which turns into the operations side of the business. This last phase is going to be ongoing. The tools recommended for the planning phase are: scope definition, work breakdown structure, responsibility matrix, Gantt chart, project charter, cost estimate, risk response plan, critical chain diagram and Monte Carlo analysis. The tools recommended for the execution phase are: progress report: Gantt update, cost estimate update, risk evaluation update, earned value analysis and schedule crashing. For the close out phase the recommended tools are the following: postmortem, Gantt update, cost estimate update, risk evaluation update, progress report and earned value analysis. Having the right tools helps keep the schedule on time, the cost within budget and a good performance, it is crucial that the Project Manager ensures that everything is being addressed and used in the right way.


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