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Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 2001


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Engineering Economic Analysis

Course Number

EMGT 535/635


Engineering economy, Student housing -- Oregon -- Economic aspects, Economic analysis


The increasing demand for the on-campus housing in Portland State University (PSU) is becoming a critical issue. PSU expects more students to come in following years and plans to have more on-campus housing units available. To meet the demand, PSU together with College Housing Northwest (CHNW), has to build more housing units. This issue becomes challenging both for PSU and CHNW when there are two major constraints, one being the lack of space for constructing new buildings, and the other one being the lack of funds to invest a construction that enables the PSU to satisfy the demand.

On the other side, the non-profit company, CHNW is planning to demolish two oncampus buildings, Maryanne and Birmingham, due to new earthquake legislation in Oregon. They also plan to construct a new, wooden, 5-story apartment block, having either 75 or 100 studio units, replacing Birmingham while PSU keeps Maryanne's space for another plan, probably another college building for classes and offices. The team Chester, with a team consensus, decided to analyze the case to give recommendations to CHNW regarding how many apartments should the new building have, which replaces old Birmingham.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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