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Closed Project

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Spring 2001


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Project Management in Engineering and Technology

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EMGT 545/645


Diversity in the workplace, Intercultural communication, Project management -- Japan, Engineering -- Management, Project management -- Thailand


The paper describes the impact of culture, the power distance, the uncertainty avoidance, the individualism, and the masculinity/feminine in project management processes, initiating processes, planning processes, controlling processes, executing processes, and closing process {Project Management Institute, PA, USA). We choose to focus on two cultures, which are Japanese and Thai culture to analyze.

The analysis is from the literature research both published article on culture and project management and the books that relevant to our objective.

The result that we found from the cultural analysis in project management processes is that the success of Japan in project management that lead them to continually success in market world is the high uncertainty avoidance level in every aspect that we study. Because they carefully concern in every process in project management particularly in initiating processes and planning processes.


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