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Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Charles Weber

Course Title

Engineering and Technology Management

Course Number

ETM 526


Marketing research, Technology -- Management, Computer networks -- Security measures, Computer networks -- Access control


Microsoft is a leader in the technology industry and just recently announced a new OS365 bundled with Identity and Access Management product offering that moved them into being a top supplier for Identity and Access Management security offerings. This has caused a threat to smaller technology companies competing in the Identity and Access Management space.

To some, this could be viewed as a market disruptor causing smaller companies to be reactive in an effort to remain competitive in the marketplace. As a result, some companies are looking to adjust the way they are selling to the marketplace in the hopes to remain competitive. S Computer is one of those companies looking to revamp their approach.

In this paper I use market research and personal experience to identify some opportunities S Computer could benefit from implementing that could provide more profitability for the company.


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