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Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Ramin Neshati

Course Title

Decision Making

Course Number

EMGT 530/630


Hierarchical decision model, Decision making, Restaurants -- Location -- Analysis, Restaurants -- Management


Nowadays, when analyzing the idea of opening a new restaurant, some factors come to mind like: Costs, location, market analysis, a business plan, safety issues, menu prices, and so on. Studies show that one of the main factors is the location of the restaurant. Some questions in relation to this factor needs to be answered like: Where will the restaurant be located? What will the target market be like in that location?, Will the surroundings of the restaurant be safe?, etc. This project aims to develop a decision-making model to determine which is the best location for a Traditional Ecuadorian Food Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. The methodology implemented for this study is the Hierarchical Decision Model, also known as HDM. Once the model has been validated by the experts, each one will evaluate each decision element called criteria and sub-criteria through pair-wise comparison. The final analysis of this evaluation shows that the Downton outcome is the best location for this decision problem. Another interesting fact is that the most important perspective is Demographics and that Parking is the highest valued sub-criteria, both of these elements have to be considered when making this decision. For future studies, this HDM model could be implemented in similar decision problems.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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