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Closed Project

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Spring 2019


Ramin Neshati

Course Title

Decision Making

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ETM 530/630


Shipment of goods -- Decision making, Hierarchical decision model, Choice of transportation -- Planning, Business logistics


Business organizations look of the right transportation and logistics channels to support timely, secure, and cost-efficient delivery of their commodities to the right destination. The main channels of transportation and logistics include sea freight, courier, air freight, and railway line. The purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of these modes of transportation and identify the most appropriate mode for delivering gas/oil pumps to the required destination. Both quantitative and qualitative data will be gathered from these modes of transportation based on standards such as financial, security, government regulations, and technical, and simplicity factors. TA survey was carried out and data analyzed using the hierarchical development model (HDM) . The results of the analysis will inform current and future practices and studies on improving efficacy of transport and logistics services.


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