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Closed Project

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Winter 2015


Antonie J. Jetter

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555


High-tech products are infusing into our daily lives and revolutionizing existing markets at an unprecedented pace. One of the most exciting and promising technologies for the future is 3D printing. Derived from the core idea behind 3D printers, came the 3D pens which are devices that allow users to create manually and freely 3D objects. CreoPop is a Singapore-based startup company who was successfully crowd funded to manufacture a 3D pen – but only with a few different characteristics. While the ‘standard’ 3D pens available in the market function by extruding melting plastic – creating toxic fumes and having extremely hot parts on the device – CreoPop 3D pen uses a different technology to achieve the same outcome. Its product makes use of a ‘cool ink’ instead of plastic, which is instantly cured by a harmless Ultra-Violet light when it comes out of the pen`s nozzle – hence producing no fumes nor containing any dangerous hot parts.


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