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Closed Project

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Winter 2015


Charles Weber

Course Title

Knowledge Management

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ETM 567/667


Knowledge Discovery helps companies to understand of how thing work in organizations and in the nature. Its contribution has shaped their performance in many ways such as it could help company to create the new innovative product or could help company to solve the problems. Moreover, companies could use it to forecast the future market trend or use it for future collaboration. Nowadays, there are many tools that could help companies to discover the knowledge. Patent analysis is one among those tools. This paper examines challenges associated with knowledge discover by using Patent Analysis commonly experience by the author. While others have researched this topic several times in the past, the author studied by observing the past researches that due to what is out there, what is the process of knowledge discovery, the impacts from using Patent Analysis and then compare what are found from the past researches with her past experience. Additionally, the author also gives some recommendations on Knowledge Discovery using Patent Analysis to her organization by using her own learning from both from class and from previous researches.


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