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Closed Project

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Spring 2014


Antonie Jetter

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Engineering & Technology Management

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ETM 519/619


MOOCs (Web-based instruction), Employees -- Recruiting, Technology -- Management


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are online courses with open access to anyone amid unlimited participation. Over the last three years, MOOCs have slowly come into being in the business world. Companies are looking to online methods of teaching to train its current and future workforces for less cost. Institutions and industries alike are trying to find the best cost effective way of training, recruiting, and maintaining current skills.

Our paper asks the question, “How can MOOCs be utilized to fill the needs of job recruiters?” After reviewing numerous online articles, white papers, and industry documents we chose the following eight major topics: desire, brand, information, incentives, adaptation, validation, funding and resources, and training shift. For greater detail, we have identified several sub categories within each of these broader topics. The body of the paper goes into these sub categories in detail.

It is our conclusion that changes in industries will be needed to promote MOOCs and enhance their recruiting potential. Industries and Institutions offering MOOCs will need to develop credential standards that are accepted throughout the industries. Institutions have accreditation for many MOOCs, but still no real standard has come into being for Industries as a whole. The importance of recognizing credentials, non-formal learning, and alternative forms of assessment will have to be recognized by each industry in their own way. In the end it will be the skills and knowledge demonstrated by recruits who have taken the MOOCs that will tell how successful they are to filling the recruiting needs of institutions, industries and the world.


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