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Closed Project

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Fall 2016


Charles Weber

Course Title

Communication and Teambuilding

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ETM 522


New products, Business planning, Organizational sociology, Teams in the workplace


Developing a new product is a complex process that typically involves contributions from many disciplines. The more complex the product, the larger the number and greater heterogeneity of people involved in the development effort are required. Speed to market, adherence to budget, scale of innovation and creativity are key success factors of a new product development team. How a new product development team should be organized to maximize the output while minimizing the input is a fundamental question global innovation companies are facing. We conducted an article review on 25 influential academic literatures on NPD team challenges and success factors and distilled them into the main points related to team building and leadership. By analyzing four types of prevalent new product development teams’ organization structures, including traditional functional team, cross functional team, multi-cultural innovation team, and global virtual team, we developed four propositions that help to overcome the challenges all new product development teams face.


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