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Closed Project

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Winter 2014


Antonie Jetter

Course Title

New Product Management

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ETM 547/647


New products -- Development, New business enterprises -- Management, New products -- Design and construction


As a newly formed team we began our process of developing a new product by identifying potential opportunities, or ideas for a new product. The types of opportunities generated were based on the team’s familiarity with the possible solution and the team’s familiarity with the need the solution would address. To begin this opportunity identification process we created a scope statement that would guide our process.

Based on the scope statement combined with the team’s previous knowledge and experiences we began to brainstorm possible opportunities. The opportunities brainstormed ranged from automotive tool improvements, travel accessories to innovative home products. We found that some opportunities presented needed more detailed explanation than others due to the lack of familiarity and the diversity of the team. By the end of the process we had a pile of scribbled drawings and notes that represented a vast number of ideas. As a team we were able to agree upon six products which showed promise of future success that meet the limitations of our scope statement. These six products were then presented to our “board of directors” who then voted on each one to further create a quick tournament structure to identify the potentially exceptional opportunities.

The opportunities identified as exceptional ones were the drink carbonation cap and the suitcase customization kit. Both these opportunities met potential customer needs that were represented in our team. As a team after mentally developing both of these opportunities through discussion and more sketches we agreed that the drink carbonation cap was the opportunity to proceed with. Below is the documentation for the development of the drink container carbonation cap.


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