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Closed Project

Publication Date

Winter 2014


Ron Khormaei

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555


Cookware -- Technological innovations, Cookware -- Marketing, Technology -- Marketing, Marketing plans


The purpose of this marketing plan is to find an appropriate target market for the Finex 12” cast iron skillet. Within this market, a marketing strategy needs to be developed which caters to the need of the customer and assures financial stability for the company. From extensive research and customer surveys, the most promising customer identified for the Finex skillet are “prestige customers” who value boutique goods with a superior design and very high quality. Accordingly, a price reflecting the high quality of the skillet is set within the marketing strategy section. Within the unique value proposition for this product, the features most desired by the customer segment are highlighted. Also the promotion and placement strategy are tuned to the needs of the prestige customer segment. Overall, the marketing plan allows Finex to continue to sell a successful and profitable product.


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