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Closed Project

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Winter 2014


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Research Methods

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ETM 565/665


Business logistics -- Technological innovations, Supply chain management, Business logistics -- Effect of technology on, R (Computer program language)


Management of a supply chain can significantly impact a corporation’s bottom line. With government procurement alone responsible for between 10 – 20% of the gross domestic product of a nation, this figure is significant to the economy. This paper investigates several data sets to explore the impact of technology on the supply chain using the statistical analysis tool, R. The manufacturing M3 database was used as a secondary source for the study. An adapted model that used days of disruption and technology levels as independent variables were used to examine dependent efficiency, cost and production variables. Of the two hypotheses, one could not be accepted and one was rejected. While the project provided a good deal of learning, the assumptions made in the model leave too much room for error. The following paper accurately identifies a research question, but the analysis leads to results that are inconclusive. More work on the model is suggested for further study.


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