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Fall 2012

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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ETM 520


Science and state -- Brazil, Technology and state -- Brazil, Brazil -- Technological innovations -- Government policy, Sustainability


On a global scale a country’s technological advancement and superiority often distinguish it from the other countries in a region. It is impossible to discuss technologically innovative and leading countries without Brazil in the conversation. Brazil is the technological leader in South America and has been for some time due, in large part, to their use of green, self sustaining energies. Brazil has been able to develop a university and communications system that support the current green energy initiatives and will drive Brazil into future technological dominance in the region.

For our research, we started with an analysis of the different areas which Brazil has a global impact on technology. We started with a top level review of all of Brazils technology efforts and impacts in different areas of concern. During this review, we found Brazil has research and development efforts in a number of areas, such as aerospace, pharmaceutical research, and agriculture, but there was a more significant theme that we found. A significant portion of Brazil’s technology development had an environmental theme to it. Due to Brazil’s geography with vast rainforests, status as a developing nation, and development of technologies meant to help it compete in the global marketplace, a significant portion of Brazil’s technological development had a global environmental theme.

Upon finding this, we set out to create a critical report of Brazil’s technologies which have a global environmental impact. This is a report of Brazil’s technological development with regard to government policy, energy, transportation, electric power, telecommunications, and publicly funded efforts. These areas capture Brazil’s technologic advancements and the impacts that they will have globally. Our research was not meant to compare Brazil with other countries, but instead to study and report on Brazil’s technological capabilities in these areas.


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