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Closed Project

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Fall 2012


Robert Dryden

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522/622


Team building, Communication -- Social aspects, Leadership, Conflict resolution


“Working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats. They can push things that come into their hands a little higher up, a little further on towards the heights of excellence.” -- Anonymous

The above quote represents the genesis and growth of Team 3 throughout Fall term, and describes the process by which we evolved, enabling us to accomplish far more than any singular individual could achieve. At a high level, the format we felt best exemplifies this process is the “Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing” stages, as illustrated in our textbook. However, within each stage, we get to a far more granular level and specifically include core class content, which encompasses:

  1. Brain Storming Techniques
  2. Discussion of Team Charters
  3. Team Dynamics, Team Roller coasters, Recipe for Successful Teams
  4. Constructive Feedback
  5. Value of Conflict
  6. 10 Common Problems & Solutions Strategies

Also included is content from various Selective Reading articles.

It is our intention to collect, format and present our story, one that lays the groundwork for future team-oriented projects we will encounter as relatively new students to the ETM department. On behalf of Team 3, Jonathan L., Ritu, Greg, Jejung and Jon M. would all like to thank Dr. Dryden and Sunny for the opportunity to participate and learn more as to how we can incorporate team-building practices into future academic and career endeavors.


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