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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2012


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Project Management

Course Number

ETM 545/645


Computer software -- Development, Project management


This research attempts to use multiple perspective analysis to identify the fundamentals of project management for software development that can be utilized to be used as a framework for participants/stakeholders in projects for achieving success. The paper is based on research conducted through a series of interviews, in order to extract expert opinion and combine/compare it with findings from the literature. A case of two organizations in the Pacific Northwest has been taken into consideration to observe, evaluate, document, map, and discuss their practices for software development projects. A number of other university based experts were also consulted based on their work experience feedback was noted and included in the data model. This data was put in perspective with literature based data, and analysis was performed keeping in mind multiple perspectives.

We hope to map our findings in a framework to be used as quick reference guide to ‘must-haves of the current project management practices in software development.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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