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Closed Project

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Fall 2013


Tugrul Daim

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Technology Assessment and Acquisition

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ETM 531


Depleting energy sources is alarming many governments, organizations, and companies to set ambitious goals to reduce their energy use over the next few years. Buildings consume significant portion of energy. One of the most practical strategies to reduce buildings’ demand for energy is by avoiding heat losses and implementing energy saving measures. Today’s high performance insulation and thermal design can dramatically reduce heat losses. Many technical solutions are already available and applied across all regions, both in new build and renovation. The choice of the most appropriate insulation product has to be decided on a case-by-case basis as it largely depends on the building type and design and climate zone. This paper conducts technology assessment for different type of insulation technology that fits different construction application. Traditional and modern insulation technology has been discussed across this Introduction 3 research. R&D recommendations are presented in the conclusion section of this report for improving manufacturing process of new high performance insulation materials to be able to compete in the insulation market.


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