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Closed Project

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Spring 2013

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User Centered Innovation

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ETM 556


Participating in a design project that leads to a creative new solution is an excellent way to develop new skills by experiencing the design process first hand. The problem presented during the first class session was to create a solution to improve some attribute of human life in the home health care field. Our assigned team of five met the first feeling a little overwhelmed. We were challenged to find a worthy problem in need of a solution. Team Westside quickly completed the forming stage with introductions and discussion about meeting times and structure. In order to tackle this problem, we agreed to each shadow an elderly person that week and document observations before our next meeting. Our team “storming” sessions are more like a mild Portland sprinkle as all members perform to the “norms” and have good social skills. Team Westside, prepared with a wealth of observations and problems presented the idea of medicine management in a class verbal report. The idea was briefly discussed with the class and validated. We were charted to continue with generative design research and left with a better sense of direction. Our team performed over 50 hours of research using end user ethnographic techniques. The culmination of this effort pointed to the problem of elderly frustration with managing different and changing medications. Our team had quite a bit of data for this specific problem so this was the area we shifted our attention to find a solution.


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