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Closed Project

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Summer 2013


Xiangdong Chen

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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management

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ETM 510


Technology Transfer (TT) has long been used as a means for transferring explicit knowledge as well as tacit knowledge to developing countries for industrial development. Most developing countries lag in ab-sorptive capacity in terms of human and technological capability. Hence, the path of TT was one way. In the past few years, however, TT to China and India has increased phenomenally. This has stemmed from Chinese and Indian economical growth with competent workforce that helped develop a low-cost environment to maximize company profit. Photovoltaic Cell (PV) industry is one sector where the two countries have assimilated and inndegined technology from transfer and developed innovation capability. Cases from these two countries confirm that both China and India has long been in the PV industry and they have acquired complementary technology through various means of TT. However, China is more towards ”Home based” outside-in TT while India embraces “Go global” active technology acquisition model. Although, Chinese firms are larger in terms of size, turnover and sales compared to India, both exports almost 90% of their sales. IP has not been a barrier in TT to these two countries. Both the coun-tries have now achieved innovation capability in PV technology.


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