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Closed Project

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Winter 2013


Charles Weber

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555


Our development process of the PLAiR Dongle marketing plan is presented in this marketing log. In order to develop the marketing log, we incorporated the knowledge from the text book. The report begins with the idea generation concept which provides a basis of how to select a product for a team project. Secondly, we conducted a thorough research to understand in detail about our product, and our competitors. We, then interviewed people and used the reports available in PSU’s library of databases and business journals(Mintel, Euromonitor, etc.) to find out what the customer/market needs are and to understand whether our product had the correct value proposition to fit in that market. Based on our research we found our target market and tailor made a marketing plan for our target market. From the class lectures, the knowledge from marketing books, guidance from the instructor, interviews and an extensive literature review we developed the product plan, and the 4P strategies. To be beneficial for advancing future research, we added key learning and suggestion for each step in developing the plan for the PLAiR.


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