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Closed Project

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Spring 2012


Timothy Anderson

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Managing New Technology Introduction

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ETM 548/648


Nintendō Kabushiki Kaisha -- Management, New products -- Management, Technological innovations, Product life cycle -- Management


Nintendo is no doubt a leading company in the gaming industry. It has dominated the portable gaming industry for several years. Even with the setback it received from the Nintendo 3DS sales, it has the capability to come up again in the market. Nintendo has batted and beaten competitors like Sega and Sony in the past. But today’s market has a different setting set up for competition. The evolving mobile market has exposed a different level of competition for the gaming giants. With these new competitors it will be difficult for Nintendo to sustain in this market. Nintendo has to step up its game either with innovation in its products or with new innovative marketing strategies. In today’s scenario, it will be very crucial for the company to differentiate its products from all the competition


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