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Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 2012


Antonie Jetter

Course Title

Technology Marketing

Course Number

ETM 555/655


Smartphones -- Marketing -- Planning, Samsŏng Chŏnja -- Management, New products -- Management, Technological innovations


This paper attempts to develop a marketing plan for the new Smartphone to be introduced into the market by Samsung in the second quarter of 2013. After capturing a large portion of the Smartphone market share and leading the market in sales with its Galaxy S-series, Samsung will be introducing a different Smartphone that will incorporate the flexible screen technology “Galaxy Skin”. This incorporation of the flexible technology will enable Smartphones to be bendable, unbreakable, more power efficient, low weight and smaller in size. The paper introduces Samsung in general and analyzes its strength and capabilities of developing such products. Afterwards, the study covers the market demographics by sizing the total market, and the segmentation of the available market. The analysts then drill down into the market needs and investigate the target customers who have pressing need for such product. Surveys and interviews were conducted to capture the customer’s voice. The findings indicate that customers ranked the battery life to be the most favored feature followed by the flexible screen. Moreover, the analysts developed a marketing plan of the Galaxy Skin—which involved value drivers, CRTA, TALC, competition analysis, 4P’s and sales forecasting for the post launch two years. Furthermore, the price of Galaxy Skin is not yet announced, but the analysts estimated the price to be $725 based on the customer and competition analysis. Due to the secrecy practices and confidentiality that Samsung is following, the researchers of this paper had to make some assumptions such as those related to budgeting. Lastly, the analysts find that Samsung is committed to sustain its leadership in the Smartphone market by becoming the dominant developer of the flexible display technology products.


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