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Closed Project

Publication Date

Summer 2012


Tugrul Daim

Course Title

Research and Development

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ETM 536/636


Industrial research -- Case studies, New products, Technological innovation -- Management, Communication


Communication issues can exist between Research and Development (R&D) and other organizations which can create inefficiencies in R&D. Companies may not be aware of this communication breakdown or may not be conscious of tools and best practices which exist in literature and benchmarking which can address this gap. Effective R&D management and strategy formation can play a critical role in giving a company a competitive advantage and therefore make it successful in intense competitive environments. Good communication between R&D and other parts of the organization (e.g. marketing) is significant in developing and executing these strategies.

In this paper a case study methodology was utilized to compare how R&D strategies from different companies and different sectors compare, and how these companies communicate and manage their R&D activities. The team conducted interviews with R&D managers, focusing on the communication element of R&D management. These interviews were conducted using a consistent framework obtained from literature. Results were compiled from each company and recommendations were prepared based on lessons from benchmarking, literature, case studies [2], and lecture material.


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