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Closed Project

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Winter 2012


Tugrul Daim

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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ETM 520/620


Composite materials -- Industrial applications -- Saudi Arabia, Business planning -- Data processing, Strategic planning


This paper attempts to trace the developments of the composite technologies in Saudi Arabia. Composite materials are applied in a variety of industries. Started by the aerospace industry due to its superior strength to weight ratio, it was widely applied in other industries such as the automobile, marines, corrosive plants and others. Also, the composite materials have intrinsic properties that make them superior to other types of materials, thus more attractive market opportunities. For the Saudi case, they develop the petrochemical products, and export the raw materials as pellets and other sorts of base material shapes. Other developed countries with more advanced technologies use these derivatives to produce nonmetallic products. However, it is more advantageous for Saudi Arabia to acquire these technologies necessary to develop composite materials and market the composite products itself. This move can lead to creation of an economical wave that will result in diversification of the Saudi economy as well as creating more job opportunities. There are a lot of drivers within Saudi Arabia, and these drivers call for the development of composite materials locally. Such domestic drivers can help expedite the progress of the composite technology adoptions. All of the Saudi industries have needs that can be fulfilled with Composite materials, and such opportunities can attract foreign investors to invest in Saudi Arabia, which give them a market access opportunity not only to the Saudi markets, but also to the regional markets. The existing issues with the availability of technologies can be better strategized by the nation as a whole. The past success of the petrochemical technology transfer gives a good confidence that such move will have fruitful results and can lead an industrial boom that will help the country in so many areas such as the researches, educational institutions, small entrepreneurships and more technological alliances and activities in the region.


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