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Closed Project

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Spring 2011


Timothy Anderson

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Research Methods in Engineering Management

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ETM 565/665


Federal Law, NCLB Titles III requires all States and School Districts to provide ELD service to ensuring that all ELL to have equal and meaningful access from their public education. [1] [2] All ELD service must follow ORS 336.079; “Special English courses for certain children. Specific courses to teach speaking, reading and writing of the English language shall be provided at kindergarten and each grade level to those children who are unable to profit from classes taught in English. Such courses shall be taught to such a level in school as may be required until children are able to profit from classes conducted in English.” [3] In compliance with Title III of the Federal ESEA (NCLB), all State must also implement ELPA to measure the proficiency in non-native English speakers as they progress through ELD services. As well as AMAO to measure and report on progress toward and attainment of English proficiency and academic achievement standards; and hold local education agencies accountable for meeting increasing AMAO targets for English language proficiency over time. [4] This purposes report will going to detail explain how ELPA & AMAO is structured in Oregon and given a detail analysis of advantage and disadvantage when evaluated ELD program with ELPA & AMAO using a longitudinal analysis approach.


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