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Closed Project

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Summer 2011


Paul Newman

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Managing Emerging Technologies

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ETM 571/671


NEMS is an acronym for Nanoelectromechanical systems. NEMS have the potential to extend device miniaturization to the molecular level. NEMS are synthetic devices with functionality at the nanometer on a length scale (between 1 and 100 nm). The term NEMS is often applied to electromechanical systems operating at the meso-length scale (between nano and micro). NEMS have structural elements at or below 100 nm, microelectromechancial systems (MEMS), have structural elements on the micrometer length scale. Evolving from MEMS, NEMS have intrinsically smaller mass to surface area to volume ratios which make them candidates for applications like high frequency resonators and ultrasensitive sensors.


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