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Closed Project

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Spring 2010


Robert Dryden

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522/622


Teams in the workplace -- Analysis, Communication in small groups, Teams in the workplace -- Case studies


Maintaining a good performance among team members is the main responsibility of the team leader and the members. It is also the ultimate target of forming a team. A successful team leader should recognize the potential risks which compromise the integrity of a team and take required action to avoid the failure of the team.

Even if a team is perfectly formed, there are many risks that can cause a team failure. Lack of trust, ineffective interaction, unproductive team meetings, Poor role clarity, loosing focus on business objectives, faulty analysis of market conditions, poor time management, lack of accountability and etc. [1]. In this research, three of the major failure factors composed of Unclear Goals, Lack of trust and Lack of accountability has been chosen and reviewed [2]. Furthermore some solutions to avoid or overcome these risks are suggested for the leaders and team members. Trying to clarify the goals to the fullest degree, conducting more trust through the relationships between the team members and increasing the accountability of each team member through making members more responsible will provide the direction for the team to move towards the goal and increase the level of confidence on the way towards the goal.

Note: The Team's Process Report associated with this project is included here as a supplemental file.


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