Document Type

Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 2010


Robert Dryden

Course Title

Communication and Team Building

Course Number

ETM 522/622


Teams in the workplace -- Analysis, Communication in small groups, Teams in the workplace -- Case studies, Personality tests


In today’s workplace individuals are required to join teams with others they may not know. Individuals must learn to produce the needed work, sometimes with little notice, by utilizing each team member’s skills. To do this effectively, team members must understand Team Stages, what can go wrong in teams and how to prevent or deal with these challenges, as well as a basic understanding of personality types. This report is a self-evaluation of a high performing team of six graduate students in Portland State University’s 522/622 Communication and Team Building course offered through the Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) Program in the spring of 2010. The report expresses the team’s experiences through this course, which provides students with the material and experiences to effectively develop and participate in effective teams. The team, surprised by its performance and development, uses this report to examine the events of the term by comparing it to the material covered in the term. The textbook guides and best practices are only good if the team members apply them. The team felt that an analysis comparing the material to the events of the course was not sufficient to explain why the team worked so well together. The report includes a Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs personality test analysis of the team members to see if this tool, that is easily accessible, can be utilized in future teams to reproduce the same high level of team performance.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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