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Closed Project

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Fall 2016


Richard Sperry

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Project Management

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ETM 545/645


Bicycle sharing programs -- Management, Project management, Urban transportation


The purpose of this project is to implement a bike share program in the city of Cycletopia. Cycletopia has been seeking alternatives to reduce the city’s downtown congestion problems in addition to promoting a green alternative to automobile transportation. Cycletopia city officials have already validated the city’s need and desire to implement a bike share program. An analysis of the city’s congestion was conducted which revealed that reducing the number of cars would alleviate the traffic the city’s downtown areas experience during rush hour. Cycletopia is also a progressive city that values promoting green transportation which will improve overall air quality. The flourishing popularity of bicycle share programs have vastly grown in urban cities around the world. Cities with fully functioning bike share programs have established positive results as it alleviates traffic, promotes public transportation, and reduces pollution.

The city conducted an analysis of the top consulting firms in the United States for implementing bike share projects and pinpointed CycleHop Consulting as the top contender. CycleHop consulting will be responsible for the conceptualization, implementation, and launch for the bike share project. In addition to the bike share project proliferation, the city will base the success of the project on whether it accomplishes the project's primary purpose - reduce city congestion and promote a green transportation alternative. The congestion reduction goal is 10%, which should be achievable based on previous results at cities CycleHop Consulting has completed similar projects. User adoption of 100 bicycle shares per day will be another measurable outcome of proliferating the project.

The purpose is to successfully implement the bike sharing program within Cycletopia which includes all the supporting infrastructure. The project's scope includes providing the infrastructure for bicycles, bike stations, and integrated mobile application capabilities. This project will deliver a new transportation alternative for Cycletopia residents. In return, the expectation is that the city will experience less congestion and the cities brand will positively reflect environmentally friendly transportation.


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