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Closed Project

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Spring 1992


Richard F. Deckro

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Operations Research in Engineering Management

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EMGT 540


The purpose of this project is to maximize profit for a telecommunications system in Shared Tenant Services (STS) for a small office building. The office building is divided into four sections, called bays. Each bay is equipped with the following services: voice communication, data communication, voice message, and facility monitoring. A linear program was formulated with an objective function to maximize the profit for the entire system (building). The decision variables to be solved were the number of extension lines of each service used for each bay. The objective function coefficients were profits corresponding to the decision variables. The criteria were set from the results of a preliminary sample market survey from the tenants of that office building. This prototype linear program has 16 decision variables and 39 constraints, and LINDO was used to solve the linear program.


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