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Closed Project

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Spring 2010


Shimon Shmueli

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User Centered Innovation

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ETM 556/656


New products -- Planning, Technology -- Management, Project management, Protein drinks --Technological innovations, Consumers -- Attitudes


This product concept seeks to address three basic problems. First, nearly all liquid nutrition offerings that are readily available for people on the go do not offer personal choices for creating individually unique liquid replenishment. Second, there are no current offerings for protein drinks that do not require preparation. Protein drinks typically require extensive mixing and blending prior consumption. Last of all, readily available liquids for people on the go contribute to the consumption of single use containers and packaging which is not environmentally sound. The main purpose of this concept is to offer a quick, simple solution for health concerned people to enhance their life and to be the leader in introducing innovative, quality, and environmental friendly services to community. Promote personal health and environmental consciousness through healthy liquid replenishment into either personal reusable or environmental friendly containers.

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