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Closed Project

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Fall 2009


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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ETM 520/620


The world energy consumption is expanding due to increase in population and is projected to increase by 44 percent from 2006 to 2030. China and India are the fastest growing non-OECD economies with their combined energy use increasing nearly twofold and making up to 28 percent of world energy consumption by 2030. The growing concerns over global warming forces us to find an alternative, renewable or sustainable source of energy, which can reduce carbon footprint in the environment and the most often considered are biomass resources—for example, prairie grasses, forestry and mill residues, nongrain parts of food crops, and urban wood wastes that are typically discarded in landfills. The paper focuses on analyzing the technology management issues while using biomass as an alternative energy source, discusses the importance of biomass energy to the future energy mix, provides current updates on the world energy consumption and the energy outlook for next 20 years. Further, the paper analyzes technology management issues with reference to technical, social, environmental, economical and political perspectives.


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