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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2009


Antonie Jetter

Course Title

Technology Marketing

Course Number

ETM 555


The report presents the development process of a technology marketing plan that is a part of the class project for ETM 555: Technology Marketing. The structure of the report starts from idea generation and simple methodology to select our team product. Then we follow the step shown on the syllabus. We do more investigation to understand more about our technology product and its competitors, its value proposition and its expected target market. After defining the target market, we followed the marketing plan outline by Luther, William (the Marketing Plan 3rd edition). This book provided us guideline for development of the following sections; marketing objectives and strategies, product plan, marketing communications plan, research plan, and the Internet plan. Our team decided to skip customer service plan, sales management plan, action plan, but added financial plan instant. Also, to be a value research log for other students who will take this class in the future, we added key learning and suggestion at the end of each section. We wish that our team research log will be a guideline for other students to improve or develop their marketing plan based on our learning curve.


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