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Closed Project

Publication Date

Summer 2010


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Engineering Management Synthesis

Course Number

ETM 590/690


Educational evaluation, Portland State University. Department of Engineering and Technology Management -- Effects on Portland Metropolitan Area, Economic impact analysis


The spectrum of regional effects associated with or derived from its local universities include economic, infrastructure, cultural, attractiveness, educational and social benefits among the larger group of effects described by Garrido-Yserte, and Gallo-Rivera. Our research will reduce the scope to effects which are directly related the PSU ETM program and specifically include the four factors: economic effects resulting from direct and indirect ETM department and student spending, personal and organizational benefits resulting from ETM student projects, professional skill development benefits to students and their employers, and impacts on new innovation represented by new startup companies directly linked to ETM alumni.

This report creates a framework to measure the benefits of the PSU ETM program to the Portland region. It will focus on four measurable factors: regional economics, the benefits which accrue to the individual students, their current and future employers and to the improvement of the society and environment of the local region.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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