Audio recordings of the "Eye Opener" series broadcast weekly on KGW-TV, Portland, Oregon, between September 1969 and February 1970. "Eye Opener," which aired Wednesdays between 6:15-6:45 AM, was a non-credit "TeleCourse" program presented by Portland State University professors on special topics of study within their disciplines. Frank Roberts, professor of speech, Oregon state legislator, and acting dean of graduate studies, introduced the speakers.


Submissions from 1970

"New Techniques in Dealing with Stuttering", Robert L. Casteel

"The Handicapped in the World of Work", Jean Edwards

"A New Approach to Teaching Science to Teenagers", Michael Fiasca

"How Language Controls your Behavior", Joe E. Pierce

"Parlimentary Law and Order", Frank Roberts

"Studying the World Around Us in Rain or Sunshine", Earl R. Rosenwinkel

"Science Fiction: Trial Marriage of English and Science", Anthony Wolk and Theodore Michelfeld

Submissions from 1969

"Stink Bugs and Evolution", Dennis Boddy

"Does Nutrition Affect Learning?", Karl Dittmer

"Ecology: Our Environmental Crisis", Richard Forbes

"Problems of a Biographer", Hoyt Franchere

"The Ethics of Conservation", John Hammond

"Improving your Self Image through Sports and Exercise", Donald R. Hellison

"Early Music", Margaret E. Irwin

"The Role of the Aged in Society", Walter Klopfer

"America and the World in the 1970s", Frank Kovac

"Rocks from the Sky", Erwin Lange

"Handicapped Children: What Educators are Doing to Help Them", Keith H. Larson

"The Computer: Friend or Foe", Craig Magwire, Bob Young, and Roger Moseley

"Landslides and Earthquakes", Leonard Palmer

"Parasites and Man", Clarence Porter

"Rewards of Oregon Stock Investments", Shannon Pratt

"The New Geography: From an Airplane", David Smith

"20th Century Music", Gordon Solie

"Shakespeare's 'Titus Andronicus' Corpse by Corpse", Frederick O. Waller