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Occasional Paper in Geography Publication No. 5

At the time of William A. Rockie's death in 1981 he was in the process of preparing a monograph for the 'Occasional Papers in Geography' series at Portland State University. The monograph was to recount his long career as a professional geographer. He had started in the late 1970's writing his recollections in a random fashion. After Rockie's death several people from the Geography Department at Portland State University discussed the unfinished work with Rockie's son, John, who agreed to assume responsibility for organizing what Rockie had written and expand on it as needed to finish the monograph. Professors Courtney and Price agreed to help in editing.

Except where noted, the narratives that follow are in W.A Rockie's words (subject to the limitations of editing), as he had written them, some many years ago, others in the years just before his death. Most of the writing that Rockie did in the late 1970's dealt with his experiences from the early 1900's until the late 1940's. Particularly sparse were periods in the late 1940's, late 1950's and from the 1960's on. For those periods, his son, John Rockie, made liberal use of diaries, as well as papers and publications written by W.A Rockie.

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Portland State University Department of Geography




William A. Rockie (1890-1981), Geographers -- United States -- Biography, Soil conservationists -- United States -- Biography


Physical and Environmental Geography

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Copyright 1988 Portland State University Foundation.

Edited by Larry W. Price and Dale E. Courtney.

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Rockie, John D., "William A. Rockie: Seventy Years a Geographer in the West" (1988). Occasional Papers in Geography No. 5.

William A. Rockie: Seventy Years a Geographer in the West