Distributism, Sustainable Development, Political-Economic Decentralization, The Family in Political and Social Life, Private Property, GK Chesterton, Third Way


Aleman and the collected authors provide a starting point for investigating modern Distributist writings. Distributism is a 'third way' private property-based economic system focused on decentralization of power, a focus on family life and reconceptualizing our relationships between individuals, families, the state and large economic actors. Essays range from the topics of totalitarianism and big government to pastoralism and permaculture. Contributing authors include classic Distributists like GK Chesterton and modern writers such as Joseph Pearce, Dale Ahlquist, Philip Maxence and Ryan Grant. The selected authors present a snapshot of a theory that presents a means towards achieving sustainability through decentralization that is overlooked in the literature.

Reviewed: Aleman, Richard (Ed). The Hound of Distributism: A Solution for Our Social and Economic Crisis. ACS Books, 2015.

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June 2016



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