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Ron Babcock

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Bachelor of Music (B.M.) in Music: Education and University Honors




Trombone -- Instruction and study, Music -- Instruction and study, Composition (Music), Music -- Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc)




The world of trombone performance practices based specifically on the nationality of the composition is one that has not been thoroughly explored, especially in regards to methodological studies. The basis of this thesis is to provide a progressive method book detailing appropriate performance practices through the inclusion of various solos and arrangements alongside annotations and performance notes. This aids trombonists in becoming aware of what it means to appropriately play music based on its national background, and elevates trombonists to a new level of playing and musicianship. Upon exploration into this method book, trombonists are guided through the cultural centers of music composition in the Western classical style, including stylistic performance practices pertaining to Russian, French, German, and Italian compositions. To provide a foundation for describing national performance practices, this thesis explores the compositional techniques of various prominent composers from the aforementioned "cultural centers of music composition." In addition to compositional study, comprehensive research into current performance practices (based on notable recordings from prominent and well-respected symphony orchestras and trombonists), as well as first-hand knowledge compiled from interviews from professional trombonists and other professional musicians will be presented. Through the combination of this knowledge and research, a solid and reputable foundation for performance practices dependent on culture and nationality of the composition is discovered. This method book will allow trombonists to play music more authentically, be able to sight-read at a more efficient level, develop an in-depth understanding behind the musical notation, and become better musicians.


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