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Rachel Noorda

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Liberal Studies and University Honors


Liberal Studies




book publishing, crows, animal studies




This creative thesis consists of a book on crows in urban environments and an accompanying craft essay exploring the publishing process of the book.

The crow book explores crows in urban environments, where cities offer them warmth and protection from predators. Crows are intelligent; they’re able to recognize human faces. Their diet often overlaps human food sources, which has led to historical conflict. Crows also have a strong presence in human culture. For these reasons, they thrive in cities, and this creates a complex relationship since people also have concerns regarding noise, cleanliness, and aesthetics.

The craft essay reflects on the creation and dissemination possibilities of this crow book. The overall project is intended to be not just scientific and informative, but also approachable and memorable. Consideration of the audience was essential throughout the entire publishing process and different marketing personas (The Portlander, The Tourist, and The Environmentalist) were created to determine how to reach future readers. Potential marketing strategies were proposed including collaboration with established organizations for events and social media promotion, blurbs, and comp titles. Decisions about layout, photography, and writing style were made with the intention of making project friendly and easily read.


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