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Tabitha Nikolai

Date of Award

Spring 6-2022

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Art Practices and University Honors


Art + Design




Art, Illustration, Drawing, Mixed-media, California, Ocean




I am a 2D artist from San Jose, California. Overarching themes in my work have been self love, self expression, and interconnectedness. I enjoy depicting plants, animals, bright colors, and complex patterns. For my thesis project, I chose to focus specifically on depicting Californian wildlife as a way for me to feel more connected to my home. When I first moved to Portland, I was very homesick, and this project for me has been a way of feeling closer to California. I'm also specifically interested in sea creatures and ocean life. My hope for audiences viewing my work is for people to kind of think about the way that they are connected to sea creatures and their ecological impact. In my thesis paper, I discuss these topics, as well as my motivations behind my work and my process of creation.


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