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Caroline Miller

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sonic Arts and Music Production and University Honors


Music & Theater




music production, sonic arts, environmental science, climate change, sustainability, biodiversity




Cross-disciplinary exploration between science and the arts is one tool to help solve some of the biggest issues facing humans. Climate change and loss of biodiversity can be represented via sound art and contemporary music composition. Wholistic eco-awareness and sustainability are possible when projects are based in unique species-inspired soundscapes, the cultivation of targeted, action-inspiring lyricism, and a sustainable navigation of the marketing and distribution pathways of the music industry. From the fall of 2021 to summer of 2022, field recordings of unique ecosystems were collected and combined with songwriting rooted in a love and hope for the future of the planet in the face of climate change, with a goal of counteracting climate apathy and faux-environmentalism. The result was the development of an EP and plan for release, taking completely into account the areas where action is needed in the music industry to address environmental issues (i.e. vinyl production, CO2 emissions from streaming music online, emissions from use of websites and social media) while offering resources on a webpage for artists and listeners concerned with the climate crisis.

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