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Christine Meadows

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Bachelor of Music (B.M.) in Music and University Honors




Voice types (Singing) -- Classification, Singing -- Instruction and study




Most young classical singers will encounter different vocal pedagogues with different and sometimes opposing methods. One of the main aspects of training a young singer is deciding what voice type they should train in, a decision that should not be made solely by the student or the teacher. There is ambiguity over when it is appropriate to classify a young singer's voice type. Some pedagogues recommend forgoing any classification in favor of a more singing foundation-based teaching in early vocal development. Some teachers claim certain vocal exercises will help determine the correct voice type. Other studies have attempted to standardize voice types with use of technology such as the Long term average spectrum or examination of vocal tract lengths. With a better understanding of how voices types are defined and developed, the classical singer will be better able to proceed with their vocal development with more awareness as to not manipulate, and to potentially damage, their voice.


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