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Susan Kirtley

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English and University Honors






This thesis is about my internal process of finding and giving answers to the questions I had about life through my story "Uncle Loo" and sharing my characters and story with others so that they many grow as writers as well. I created and used my character Loo as a guide to wander into the questions I had and found answers in his life. I used a process of taking real life examples, picking the best part of the story and incorporating it into my writing. By taking true events from life and placing them in this story I was creating a more relatable and believable world. Loo's story is a biography of his life from a brief summary of his childhood to more in-depth scenes of his early to late adulthood. This includes scenes of his first date with his future wife, marital problems and solutions with May, his wife, and their struggle facing the fact that they cannot have children. They find their solution in adopting their orphaned nephew, Logan, and in the process, help him cope with the loss of his parents. The uneasiness in their care of the child is meant to reflect my uneasiness about death and my own struggle in finding a way to comfort others and myself when death reminds us that nothing lasts forever.


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