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Karin Magaldi

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Film and University Honors




Teenagers -- Substance use -- In mass media, Drugs in motion pictures




Substance abuse is a major issue all around the world. It is an issue that not only affects the abuser but also affects individuals and entire communities as well. Substance abuse is often glamorized in media and, though there are some cases where it is not, substance abuse is all too often misrepresented. The issue of adolescent substance abuse is virtually ignored or, at the very least, is underrepresented in media. In a few cases where adolescent substance abuse does play a role in media, it is rarely the central issue. More often than not, the issue of adolescent substance abuse is a side concern, a subplot. Crossing the Tracks is a script for a pilot episode of a television series that gives adolescent substance abuse the attention it deserves while straying from the misrepresentative tendencies of it's predecessors.


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