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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Environmental Science and University Honors


Environmental Science

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Jennifer Morse


Forest restoration -- Evaluation, Forest landscape management




Forest restoration projects are occurring throughout the world. Restoration projects can vary greatly depending on the type of forest and the type of stressors that have caused ecosystem degradation and the need for restoration. Because of this variability, and because objective criteria for determining the success of restoration projects are lacking, it is difficult to evaluate the overall success of forest restoration projects. Using ecological standards developed for river restoration as a model, a similar set of standards was applied to forest restoration projects. The standards put forward can be used to evaluate the success of ecosystem restoration universally through the use of site-specific indicators of ecological success. This analysis found that many but not all of the criteria are being used to evaluate forest restoration success. Furthermore, the ecological health of the restored ecosystem is not always prioritized, as socioeconomic values are occasionally favored. Thus, it is important for a set of evaluation criteria primarily related to ecological health to be readily accepted by forest restoration practitioners.

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