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Tina Burdsall

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Science and University Honors




Drugstores -- Management, Drugstores -- Privatization




The retail pharmacy of the present has undergone a large shift in ownership from private to corporate in the form of chain pharmacies. In this literature review, the effects of this shift in ownership, otherwise referred to as “corporatization” are examined in order to determine both the benefits and areas of concern regarding this change. This review suggests that the benefits include: Decreases in filling time and increases in patient satisfaction. The areas of concern include: Decreasing patient-pharmacist counseling rates, increases in Adverse Drug Reaction rates and decreased pharmacy costs but not patient costs. It is concluded that the areas of concern outweigh the potential benefits. In order to improve on these areas of concern regarding corporatized pharmacies several changes must be made. First, pharmacists must be educated on proper counseling techniques in reduced time-frame to ensure patient understanding of medication. Second, these pharmacies should consider more staffing to ensure that patient-pharmacist counseling times don’t decrease more. Finally, more research needs to be done into the specific effects of corporatization in order to draw a more robust and complete conclusion on its overall effects on the retail pharmacy.


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