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Elisabeth Charman

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Graphic Design and University Honors




Web sites -- Design, Web site development, Application software -- Development




Graphic design is all around us--from packaging products, advertisements for concerts, to logos for businesses and user interface for websites. Each and every design has to specifically cater to the audience of the item/business and help to address and express its look and feel. In essence, it needs to grab the audience enough to sell. Thus, there’s a multitude of different styles that are employed to help exhibit these variances between products.

In this thesis, I explore the realm of web development by coding a website for runners called "Get Your Run On." Being an enthusiastic runner myself, I designed a website that inspires and motivates new and experienced runners alike. Many of the websites for athletes today have a multitude of advertisements and a nuisance of unrelated articles, making it difficult for the user to attain their desired information.

This thesis helps to compile and simplify that necessary information to make it easier and more useful to access. Besides creating a clear and organized user experience, coding a website will also push my graphic design skills regarding user interface (appearance) as well as technical skills including: HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Coding "Get Your Run On" helped me gain knowledge and proficiencies in the subject area, as well as being more well versed in my dream career field.


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