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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology and University Honors



First Advisor

Daniel S. Hagg


Critical care medicine -- Research -- Case studies, Medicine -- Study and teaching -- Case studies, Oregon Health Sciences University




Participation in research activities as an undergraduate is a critical part of applying to medical school, or to other similar programs. This research involvement is usually acquired by working in a lab on campus, assisting with either bench or field research. Alternatively involvement in clinical or translational research can be a fitting substitute, but it can be more difficult to be involved on more than a superficial level. It is my assertion that by first assessing ones unique skills, and then seeking an opportunity to apply those skills a more meaningful contribution to the research program can be made.

My own participation with the Critical Care Academic Associates program at OHSU lead to an opportunity to make such a contribution to the Post Intensive Care Syndrome study. The PICS study is a 3 year prospective study and no data will be available for analysis until the study is closed so I have elected to present my thesis as a creative writing project; A memoir of my participation with CCAAP.

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