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Nike Arnold

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Applied Linguistics and University Honors


Applied Linguistics


Digital media, Social media, Language and languages -- Study and teaching, Second language acquisition -- Study and teaching




In this study I will demonstrate students' personal use of the technology and online affinity spaces outside of the second and foreign language classroom. These affinity spaces allow users to discuss, explore and solve writing and reading related problems while textually constructing and exploring their identities. Language learners' use of fan fiction is the main focus of this analysis because it provides a significant outlet to examine literacy oriented language skills. I will analyze three case studies on language learners' production of fan fiction texts through a critical literacy framework which concentrate on three of the main characteristics of using critical literacy: author awareness of the audience, author's use of resources to influence own writing, and author's use of real-world identity and historical-cultural context to inform writing.


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