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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Political Science and University Honors


Political Science

First Advisor

Joshua Eastin


Fishery management -- Pacific Coast (US), Fishery management -- Atlantic Coast (US), Marine ecosystem management -- Pacific Coast (US), Marine ecosystem management -- Atlantic Coast (US)




This thesis provides an overview of fishery management policy types and attempts to determine best practices for biological sustainability in terms of species preservation and biomass recovery. Key concepts include biological sustainability, regulatory forces, and fishery management and output trends. The research question investigated is: what are the best policy practices for regulating marine fishery health and biological stability? The research process of this paper included a review of prior literature in the field of marine policy and fishery management, as well as the use of United States data from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts to evaluate management strategies. Based on both the literature review and the results of the data from Pacific and Atlantic Fisheries, the best management structure appears to be the co-management approach while the best management methodologies involve ecosystem protections and quotas.

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